Homeowner’s should Prepare for spring thaw – SGI

The spring thaw causes headaches for homeowners every year in the form of water damage. Whether it’s water leaking through your roof, or seepage – if you have water issues this season SGI is your best source of assistance. SGI spokesperson Tyler McMurchy says there are many things homeowners can do to make sure they aren’t hit with a spring time surprise.

“Snow piled up around property is about to turn into water, and we’d like to make sure that water doesn’t end up in anyone’s basement or damaging their home.”

Mcmurchy says it’s important to make sure that snow is cleared from around the foundation of your home, ensure downspouts are pointed away from the property and that all sump pumps and your backwater valve are in good working order.

SGI’s coverage of homes from water damage does  differ depending on what type of coverage you have.

“There are different layers of water protection for home owners from sewer backup coverage to water protection coverage which protects you from flooding. People should talk to their insurance broker and find out what coverage they have in place and determine whether or not they need additional coverage.”

With a high degree of claims processed this time of year for water damages it is important to be sure you take a few steps to ensure your claim runs as smoothly as possible.

“Firstly protect your home from further damage, then get in touch with SGI when it’s reasonable to do so.”

The next step might be to clean up what you can, prevent further damage or loss and if needed get in touch with a professional cleanup and disaster restoration service.

“To make sure your claim is processed as quickly as possible, document as much as possible the extent of the damage you have, don’t throw anything out if you can, and if you do have to throw something out take lots of pictures and video to document the losses you have experienced as well,” says McMurchy.

After a flood it is important to avoid touching electrical panels, and have appliances that came in contact with water checked by a certified service person, adds McMurchy.

“Additionally make sure that you keep track of cleaning expenses incurred. These are part of the insurance claim.”





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