Regina Fire and Protective Services respond to yelp for help on Wascana Lake

Regina police and fire rescued a stranded dog that found itself on Wascana Lake late Wednesday afternoon.

The dog got away from its owner by the east end of the lake near Douglas Park.

The owner called 9-1-1, which fire chief Layne Jackson said they were supposed to do in this situation.

Less than 10 minutes later, fully-equipped crews responded with a rescue sled and all were safely on shore within minutes.

A release from the city’s media relations said that “residents are reminded to keep dogs on a leash when walking close to bodies of water. If your pet becomes stranded, do not attempt a rescue as you will be putting yourself and others in danger.”

Police and fire say that if you see anyone, particularly unsupervised children, near thin ice or bodies of water, to call police at 306-777-6500 and in an emergency involving people or pets, to call 9-1-1.

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