NFU releases report on farm-related greenhouse gas emissions


The National Farmers Union has released a comprehensive view of greenhouse gas emissions from Canadian agriculture.

NFU director of Climate Crisis Policy and Action, Darrin Qualman,  says a detailed view of emissions is needed to form a foundation for on-farm actions to reduce emissions and for government actions to provide incentives for those actions.

He says the report has several highlights including that emissions from farming are rising, driven by rising rates of use of nitrogen fertilizer.

The report also says cattle and manure are the largest source of emissions, though greenhouse gas emissions from cattle are dropping due to fewer numbers.

The report adds there are complexities to be considered when assessing cattle related emissions since large herbivores like bison have grazed North American grasslands for millions of years.

The NFU greenhouse gas report also says emissions from fossil fuel use on farm and production of farm inputs may make up nearly one third of total farm related greenhouse gas emissions.

The report says decarbonization and clean renewable energy sources are key.

The NFU is working with more than 20 allied organizations to develop effective on-farm solutions and supportive government policies to fight greenhouse gas emissions.


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