Back-up power generators top of mind for many in Saskatchewan

With over 4000 SaskPower clients left without access to power in southwestern Saskatchewan in the last 48 hours – the topic of  generators is being discussed at many supper tables and on coffee row.

Vance Shordee is the CEO of Shordee Generators – and he says with recent weather events leaving SaskPower scrambling to reconnect customers his phones have been ringing off the hook.

“Customers come through our website first, and we are then able to connect with them.”

The generator company offers many solutions for home owners, typically seeing busy seasons in the summer and winter months with storms brewing.

“We see a lot of calls through storms, either one can knock the power grid out. Our cold winters are our biggest worry with things freezing up and pipes bursting.”

Vance points out that generators like anything – should be bought with knowledge of after sales support. Shordee’s customers typically have the CEO’s cell phone number which ensures that customers will be able to have repairs done quickly.

With many options and many price points it’s hard to understand which option is ideal for you.

“We have a variety of options available to customers. From very simple setups – to much more complicated ones,” explained Shordee.

Backup generators can be directly linked into existing power systems, some of which are run by natural gas.

Vance Shordee adds that the best time to get a generator – is now. Before the demand for them creeps up, and the summer storms begin to roll in.


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