Bourgault throwing hat in ring for Conservative leadership

With a message of tax reform and support for the truckers convoy, Saskatchewan businessman Joseph Bourgault visited Regina on the weekend at a meet and greet.
Bourgault has announced his intention to run for leadership of the federal conservatives.

Expressing a frustration with how Ottawa has been running, he brought his message of tax reform to Regina yesterday.

“We’re spending $270 billion a year on medical care in Canada and the reason for that is because of our tax system,” he said. “Seventy five per cent or more of Canadians are living below the real poverty line. So we’re taking away their ability to afford a health diet and lifestyle, to be happy, to be able to have children and raise children.”

Bourgault, a farm implement maker, said if you don’t tax a business before it becomes profitable, why would citizens be taxed before profitable?

He said federally, the basic personal exemption is $12,000 – which was fine  a long time ago when that was the true cost of living. But it makes no sense to tax citizens living below the poverty line.

“The true poverty line right now, in Canada, average, is $50,000,” he said. “Right now we have five per cent inflation. We have to index our tax system to inflation as well.”

His interest in politics come from family political discussions through the years.

“We’ve been very disappointed with the direction of government,” he said. “We feel for decades, we’ve felt we’re not getting the type of leadership we need. And you’ll see the tax plan I’m proposing for the country is mathematical and it shows the true cost of living below the poverty line.”

He said a lot of people that attend the rallies believe in freedom, and the most important message he’s trying to get out there is to upholding the rule of law, the Charter of Rights and Freedoms and the Canadian Criminal Code.

“It’s insane the way we’ve been led and managed,” he said. “To take away people’s God-given rights and freedoms, to make medical decisions they feel are best for themselves. Forcing people to take an experimental gene therapy with the risk of death or serious injury, to me that’s the height of insanity. It’s just crazy the way we’re being governed right now.”

Bourgault also visited Weyburn and Estevan on Saturday. He met in Moose Jaw and Swift Current Sunday with supporters who would also have been familiar with his non-profit organization Canadians For Truth, Freedom and Justice.

“I feel the people that went to Ottawa, and I drove there… I’ve been working for two and a half years to get the truth out about the therapeutics that could have prevented and saved 85 per cent of the people that died with Covid or from Covid,” Bourgault said. “All that the truckers were doing is standing up and saying ‘no more mandates. This is not scientific.’ And they wanted an end to mandates and I 100 per cent support those objectives.”

Bourgault said his application has been sent in with the first $50,000 of the $300,000 needed to run. Citizens can donate up to $1,675, but businesses can not donate anything. He also needs over 200 more signatures before he’s officially in the race.

His website is


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