Southeast bracing for an April blizzard

Only in the prairies could April showers mean another blizzard.

A blizzard warning has been issued for the southeast section of Saskatchewan including Estevan, Weyburn, Carlyle, and Moosomin.

Environment Canada’s Kyle McAuley says Regina will also get some snow from the Colorado low that is moving up from the United States. He said the Regina area could see 2 cm of snow on Tuesday evening followed by 5-10 cm of snow on Wednesday which would be followed by a smaller amount on Thursday and possibly into Friday.

The southeast region could see 30-50 cm of snow throughout the week, with winds possibly reaching speeds of 70-90 km/hr beginning on Tuesday evening and carrying over into Wednesday. McAuley recommends not making any travel plans within the southeast region during this time, as the area will likely experience whiteout conditions.  He added the blizzard warning will likely turn into a blowing snow advisory late Wednesday when wind speeds decrease.

The Colorado low is a slow moving front according to McAuley, he pointed out the weather front will likely not leave the area until Friday, and even then, below seasonal temperatures are expected to remain in the area for a few days at least.

McAuley recommends keeping an eye on the weather forecast throughout the week to keep an eye on the latest conditions and adds that if you do plan on travelling to take a look at the highway hotline for updated list of road conditions.

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