Colorado low brewing for the winter weather for the weekend


Southern Saskatchewan will likely avoid the brunt of the weather front that is sweeping through Saskatchewan on Wednesday.

Environment Canada’s Keane Kokolsky says the Prince Albert, Humboldt and Melfort regions will receive the highest amount of snowfall on Wednesday.

Kokolsky noted the Regina area could see a mixture of both rain and snow on Wednesday, depending on the temperature fluctuations that will be occurring through out the day, with the temperature hovering around zero degree. He said southern Saskatchewan will experience a combination of rain mixed in with snow with the southern area of the province will likely only receiving a trace amount of snow, but added road conditions could become less than ideal because of the mix of rain and snow.

This weekend’s weather activity is shaping up to bring additional winter weather to Saskatchewan. A Colorado low is currently developing in the United States and is expected to make its way through the prairies including Saskatchewan on Saturday. Kokolsky said “Depending on where the system where it kind of lines up, some areas will see a heavier kind of rain, potentially a mix of rain, sleet, and freezing rain and then transitioning over into snow as well and depending if you’re on the western side of the system you could be getting into some heavier snowfall.”

Kokolsky recommends keeping an eye on the forecast throughout the week to get an updated look at the weather for Saturday, especially if you have any plans to travel.

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