City of Regina unveils Regina Transit Master Plan

The City of Regina has released its Transit Master Plan.

The plan outlines the City’s goal for its public transit system for the next 25 years, including 45 actions to refine and expand Regina’s public transit system.

Brad Bells, the director of transit with the City of Regina, said the master plan would create a more attractive way to get around the help the City achieve its goal of 3000,000 residents.

“Having an accessible, affordable, easy-to-use transit system will ensure Regina residents want to use our services,” he said. “Regina Transit Master Plan outlines where our organization wants to go and how to get there. It helps guide the change and growth over the next 25 years.”

Highlights from the plan include:

  • Transit Routes and Services – The proposed system design was based on feedback from the community that service needed to be frequent, short, reliable, and connecting Regina.
  • Long-Term Network – As the RTMP is a 25-year plan, there are considerations for transit in the mid to long term to continue enhancing and encouraging the use of transit.
  • Paratransit – Paratransit service is essential for those who may not be able to take conventional bus service.
  • Customer Experiences – Customer experience is pivotal for retaining customers long-term by making trips enjoyable.
  • Fares and Trip Planning – Developing different fare and trip planning options can improve the rider experience and help with first impressions for new transit users.
The master plan also outlines the public transit’s role in making Regina a renewable city by 2050.

“Regina Transit is an important service in achieving our sustainability goals,” Bells said.

The Master Plan will be voted on in the Executive Council on April 27; if passed, it will be up for consideration on May 4. The projected overall cost for the plan is $60 million.

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