Moe’s plan to “Live with Covid” costing Saskatchewan lives – NDP

Days after testing positive for COVID-19, opposition leader Ryan Meili is bringing forward frank criticism of the Saskatchewan Party’s plans to “Live with Covid”.
“We do have to live with COVID – but that doesn’t mean you just “let it rip” and pretend it’s not going on. You wear masks in doors. You increase ventilation and keep the information public. Learning to live with COVID doesn’t mean you pretend it’s not here – it means adjusting behavior.”
The Saskatchewan Party is hiding vital information from the public regarding COVID-19 – and their mismanagement of the pandemic is costing Saskatchewan lives. This coming from opposition Leader Ryan Meili.
At this wave in the pandemic hospitals are seeing record numbers of COVID-19 patients, growing deaths due to the virus, and an increasingly taxed health care system – all the while Scott Moe and the Saskatchewan party seem to be turning a blind eye and deliberately hiding information  from the media and by extension the public at large.
“Reports come out on Thursday, after a week of question period. It makes it harder for reporters to tell the story. It’s very deliberately being buried at the end of the week. That’s the wrong approach.”
Meili recounted his young son Gus coming down with COVID and being unable to walk initially as the virus seemed to be attacking the muscle tissue in his legs. Gus is just 4 years old and unable to be vaccinated. Young Gus fell ill with viral myositis, muscle inflammation secondary to the virus – the pain was so bad enough that he couldn’t walk, and his blood creatine kinase levels rose to levels high enough to risk damaging his kidneys.
From there – the entire Meili family came down with the illness. The experience dispelled a few commonly touted COVID-19 myths for Meili. Notably the fact that COVID-19 is a mild virus in kids, kids aren’t spreading COVID in schools, and then bringing it home to their families. The opposition leader tweeted his observations April 18th.
Speaking from his home while recovering from COVID 19 – Meili sited deaths in the province due to COVID rising each year.
“At this point in the year 2020 – only 4 Saskatchewan residents had died due to COVID. The following year that number moved up to 316. This year so far, 340 Saskatchewan residents have died.”
Something Ryan Meili and the NDP feel would have been prevented if the government wasn’t sweeping this crisis under the rug
Meili went on to speculate as to whether or not future NDP Leadership candidates would be running in an eventual election against Scott Moe – or if perhaps the Premier would realize it’s time for the Premier to step down.

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