Whitehawk found guilty of two counts of murder

Dillon Rick Whitehawk’s face showed no emotion as the verdict was read in the makeshift courtroom at the Regina Delta hotel Saturday morning, as the jury found him guilty of two counts of first degree murder.

Whitehawk was accused of murder in the shooting deaths of Jordan Denton and Keenan Toto in Regina’s North Central neighbourhood.

Prosecution presented a case where Whitehawk wanted to rise in the ranks of the gang he was involved with. They alleged that Whitehawk was a passenger in a vehicle approaching the victims in both cases and took it upon himself to rise in the ranks by killing opposite gang members.

Defence lawyer Thomas Hynes suggested possible other shooters in the deaths of the victims, and said that the Crown’s evidence relies on disreputable witnesses.

Whitehawk did not take the stand in his own defence.

Defence and prosecution will be back in court May 13th to discuss a date for sentencing.

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