CFL introduces new rules for 2022 season

The Canadian Football League (CFL) have announced rule changes for the upcoming season that are being made to create more more points on the scoreboard along with more exciting kick returns on special teams.

One rule change that will affect special teams, is the modification to the no yard penalties. From now on, all no yards penalties will be assessed a 15 yard penalty. Previously a five yard penalty was issued when the ball was recovered by the returner on the ground as opposed to the air.

Another rule that will impact special teams, is any punt that sails out of bounds before the 15 yard line will result in the punting team receiving a 15 yard penalty, previously the rule applied to the 20 yard line.

Offenses will benefit from the rule change to field position after field goals and single points. Teams will now receive the ball on the 40 yard line instead of the 35 yard line. Teams will also kick off from the 30 yard line instead of the 35 yard line. Kickoffs following a safety will take place on the 20 yard line.

The hash marks are being moved on CFL fields. Each hash mark will be 28 yards from the nearest sideline instead of 24 yards, as result they will be nine yards apart instead of 17.

The CFL will be adopting a variation of the “Kenny Pickett” rule that the NCAA introduced late in the 2021 season. There will be an objectional conduct penalty for QBs who fake giving themselves up by pretending to initiate a slide while carrying the football.

To allow more imaginary play calling, two quarterbacks will be allowed on the field at the same time, provided all other ratio rules are met.

Head Coaches of the CFL will have access to review command centre as the league has introduced a “communications co-ordinator” who will be connected to the on-field officials via headset communication which will be imbedded on each team’s bench.

The rule changes will be introduced for the 2022 CFL season. Roughrider fans will get their first look at the new rules at the preseason opener when the Riders host the Winnipeg Blue Bombers on May 23 at Mosaic Stadium.

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