Grow Hope Saskatchewan kicks off 2022 growing season

Grow Hope Saskatchewan has launched its fifth growing season.

This year there are already 300 acres donated and 86 sponsored to support people worldwide who need emergency food assistance.

Rick Block, the regional representative with Canadian Foodgrains Bank, says the initiative invites urban and rural dwellers to learn about farming and the collective responsibility to be good stewards of our resources, but there is a global impact too.

“Funds raised through the grain-growing project are used to support people around the world who need emergency food assistance, as well as improving long-term food security,” he said. “Grow Hope Saskatchewan is a tangible way for productive land in Saskatchewan to have a direct and positive impact for many around the world who do not have access to food, the ‘bounty that comes from the land.”

Last year, Grow Hope Saskatchewan raised over $150,000. Block is hoping that they are able to surpass last year’s number.

“We do have more acres than last year; I think if crop prices remained quite strong, there is a really good opportunity to go perhaps beyond $180,000.”

He said it’s hard to put a number on just how many people they can help each year.

“You think of people where they are maybe in a refugee camp or in some type of situation where they are displaced, food assistance budgets will often be between 20 to 30 dollars per person, but that’s per person per month, and one an appreciate upward of $150,000 multiplied three or four times by the Canadian Government, how many people that can feed over the course of the month.

Block said that since 2018, they saw the number of acres planted and the money raised increase.

“In 2018, there were two farm families in the Rosthern and Laird area that were offering 160 acres that were available for sponsorship, and year by year, it continued to grow.”

This year there are five farm families in Goodsoil, Main Centre, Laird, Bruno, and one in the Yorkton area offering the 300 acres.

Block invites urban and rural people in Saskatchewan to help feed the world.

“Folks are invited to sponsor an acre for $350, which can result in proceeds up to $500 from the sale of that crop. This, in turn, may be matched 4:1 through the Canadian Foodgrains Bank’s Partnership with Global Affairs Canada,”

He added that you could visit their website for more information on how to get involved with Grow Hope Saskatchewan and how to sponsor an acre.

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