Time is running out to vote on province’s worst roads

Voters in CAA Saskatchewan’s Worst Roads are saying there’s nothing quite like Mayfair Crescent in Regina.
Mayfair is the number one in the list of the worst roads in the province, which is voted online by the public.
CAA Saskatchewan’s Christine Niemczyk said there are many reasons why roads get nominations and votes from road users.
“Most of the problems that have been reported tend to be very much potholes, poor road maintenance, poor walking structure, meaning that there’s crumbling asphalt or the sidewalk is obstructed or there’s no sidewalk where there should be,” said Niemczyk.
The road users that can vote may be drivers, cyclists or pedestrians. One thing CAA hopes it brings is change to the nominated and voted roads.
“We want to spark the conversation, but we do want to see a solution, and the solution overall is repairs,” Niemczyk said. “We know that those departments, whether they’re provincial or municipal, they’re the ones who know how much money they have and they’ll probably know as well from within their communities where those worst roads are.”
There are success stories from municipalities that have found their roads on the list, and subsequently repaired them, but that isn’t always the case.
“One in particular is Saskatchewan 155 near Buffalo Narrows and also in La Loche, that road keeps coming up,” said Niemczyk. “So that tells me, that those road users are concerned about their safety. Ultimately, we have to find a solution to fix those roads. For a lot of people, particularly in Northern Saskatchewan, those roads are their lifeline.”
Voting continues here until April 30th. CAA Saskatchewan’s final list of worst roads will be released May 2.

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