Luther College students give Mutchmore music to care home

was an afternoon of live music for some people who might not have heard a lot of it in the last few years.
As part of their service day on volunteer week, students at Luther College High School went across the street to the Mutchmore Lodge assisted living facility to brighten the afternoon for seniors.
“We know especially with COVID, it’s been very hard on seniors who have not perhaps been able to see their families or have entertainment, and we hope to brighten their day and bring them some enjoyment through our music,” explained Luther student Virginia Hector.
Students performed with choir and band, and also a string quartet.
“A group of students in our group curated the songs they thought this audience would enjoy the most,” she said. “Hopefully some tunes that will be recognized, like Take Me Out to the Ballgame, and How Great Thou Art.”
Not all students were in music classes but chose to sing or play for the enjoyment of the residents of the home.
Students from across the school were across the city earlier this week, helping out where they could.

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