spring runoff update says better than expected runoff in southwest part of the province

The latest update on spring runoff in Saskatchewan says the dry southwest saw higher than expected runoff this spring, with some late winter storms improving moisture and water supply conditions.

Runoff in the southwest was still below normal.

Water levels in Lake Diefenbaker have improved with the spring melt but remain below normal.

The Water Security Agency is waiting to see how much of the alpine snowpack runoff arrives later this summer.

In the southeast, the risk of localized flooding from late winter storms has receded.

Flows along the Souris river have peaked and are beginning to drop.

Flows are receding over lower areas of the Qu’Appelle River.

The Water Security Agency has been making diversions into Last Mountain Lake to help bring it up to desirable summer levels.

Crooked Lake is now at its desirable summer operating level and stoplogs will be installed to maintain it for the season.


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