Sask. Party votes down paid sick leave bill

The Government of Saskatchewan voted down a bill that provided ten days of paid sick leave for employees.

MLAs in the Legislature Assembly voted 30-10 against the bill, with all members of the Sask. Party voted against the bill, with all NDP MLAs voting in favour.

With the legislation being shot down, the President of the Saskatchewan Federation of Labour said that she was not surprised by the decision.

“While the Sask. Party voting against paid sick leave is disappointing; it’s not surprising,” she said. “Throughout the pandemic, the Sask. Party government has shown a total lack of respect for workers. from failing to provide proper PPE in workplaces, overwhelming our hospitals and forcing health care workers to work with unsafe staffing levels, to refusing to give wage top-ups to all front-line workers.”

“The Sask. Party voting against legislation for paid sick leave today is yet another blow to the working people in this province who have put their health and safety at risk to keep our province running throughout the pandemic,” Johb continued.

Despite the Sask. Party using their majority to vote down the legislation, Johb said Saskatchewan’s labour movement would continue fighting for paid sick leave.

“Too many workers in Saskatchewan don’t have access to paid sick leave and are faced with no choice but to go to work sick or miss out on their paycheque.”

NDP Labour Critic Jennifer Bowes initially brought the bill forward.

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