GoFundme Campaign Established to help displaced Ukrainian Family

A Regina couple played a huge role in bringing a family fleeing the war in Ukraine to Canada.

Kyle Nelson met Viktor online while playing a Lord of the Rings mobile game for a few years. When Russia invaded Ukraine – Kyle and his Wife Keely, knew they had to do something to help his friend and his family. The Young family has faced a number of challenges trying to leave Mariupol.

“They have been living for months without proper access to power, and water. Right now they are in Russia – and are certainly facing a number of challenges there as well.”

Nelson says the couple has faced persecution by the people of Russia.

Now Viktor, Krystyna and 6 year old Mykhailo Siniushyn are that much closer to freedom thanks to the Nelsons.

“The next step is government taking some biometrics, and completing their passport. From there we will start the process of getting them here to Canada.”

Kyle and Keely Nelson have set the Ukrainian family up with a rental home a minutes walk from their own doorstep. The couple plans to take care of transportation, and a few months rent while the family gets settled on Canadian soil.

An initial call for donations, got most of the materials the family will need upon arrival to Canada, it only took 2 hours for most of the requests to be filled. Now the family is seeking donations as the next phase will have some costs.

“Flights to Canada will run $3000 – $5000 dollars. Keely and I will take care of a lot of it – but any donations are welcome,” said Kyle.

A GoFundMe Campaign is being established and can be found here.

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