Hidden Taxes at the pump hurting consumers – Tax Payers Federation

The price at the pump and the pain consumers feel is being made far worse by our governments.

That is the message the Canadian Taxpayers Federation is putting forward in it’s 2022 Gas Tax Honesty Report.

Franco Terrazzano the director of the CTF says both the provincial and federal governments are not doing nearly enough to ease the pain at the pumps, and they should both be looking to move in  the direction of Alberta, who paused it’s provincial fuel tax until at least June 30th.

“Canadians are really feeling the pain right now. Many are struggling to afford fuel in their cars, and hidden gas taxes are making these prices even more painful”

At present time taxes make up 26 percent of the pump price. “Federal and provincial politicians could provide significant relief right now by cutting the big tax bill Saskatchewan drivers are paying at the pumps.

The federal government calculates it’s sales tax after all the per-litre taxes are added – which costs drivers an extra 1.8 cents per liter. Since the start of the pandemic the CTF report shows that the federal government has raised the federal carbon tax three times.

“Those in Ottawa are extremely tone deaf, to be raising the carbon tax year after year when Canadians are already struggling to afford the price of gasoline”

Later this year another carbon  tax will be taking affect through fuel regulations will take effect later this year – with the Trudeau government by 2030 Canadian drivers will be paying nearly 50 cents per liter extra.

“we should be seeing the feds scrapping the carbon tax. It’s all pain with not much environmental gain,” says Terrazzano.

Premier Scott Moe isn’t off the hook says Terrazzano , with a huge amount of gas taxes being netted by the provincial government as well.

“In Saskatchewan you’re paying more than 44 cents per liter in taxes. With a 64 liter fuel up you will be paying more than $28 in taxes”






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