All-terrain vehicle association reminding people about safety

The Saskatchewan All-Terrain Vehicle Association (SATVA) is asking people to think about safety first during the long weekend.
They say to plan ahead and know your activities so you can bring the proper equipment and supplies ready for the terrain.
Never ride on a trail that looks dangerous and always wear properly fitted equipment, including a helmet, eye protection, gloves, ankle boots, long pants and a long sleeved shirt. Riders should be aware of a safety plan, which includes telling someone where you’re going, designating an emergency contact and carrying a small first aid kit.
Anyone between age 12 to 15 or anyone without a drivers license needs to take an approved safety course or be supervised by someone who’s had their license for at least one year.

“By riding safe and riding smart, we can keep off-roading one of the greatest summer activities there is,” said John Meed, general manager of SATVA in a media release.

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