Average May weather returns

The May long weekend usually signals the beginning of summer in Saskatchewan

On Monday, the day time high went pass the 21 degrees along with plenty of sunshine.

Environment Canada’s Terri Lang says the nice weather should continue for the most part this week. “We do have some showers, thunder showers kind of floating around over the next few days, but they are not expected to be severe and it’s going to be a hit or miss kind of deal.”

While it’s mostly good news with the temperatures rising this week, Lang did caution that a negative effect of the rising temperatures could be grassfires. “The only issue with that it’s still quite dry, when the temperatures get that high and the humidity is quite low, we can get into those conditions where there’s a risk of grassfires cause we are still waiting for everything to green up a little bit.”

It has been a wet May around the Regina area. Lang noted the Regina area has received a total 51.4 mm of rain so far in the month which is above the average total for the month. The extra moisture is a welcome addition for the area says Lang as the recovery from last summer’s drought continues.

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