Mennonite Disaster Service releases final details on Hay West Program

The Mennonite Disaster Service has released final details on its Hay West program.

The program provided surplus hay from Ontario to drought-stricken prairie producers last fall and during the winter.

The Mennonite Disaster Service says 56 producers in Saskatchewan received hay support.

Ike Epp of the Disaster Service Saskatchewan unit says its great that producers in Ontario were willing to help out west.

In 2012, he says hay went the other direction when farmers in Saskatchewan sent hay east to farmers in Ontario facing drought.

Epp says the problem was bigger than the the Disaster Service could address, but those who received hay appreciated the efforts.

Epp also acknowledged the support of Hutton Transport, which trucked most of the hay to Saskatchewan, while charging less than the usual rates.

Cost of the project was 345 thousand dollars.

A total of 86 thousand dollars was donated by supporters, while farmers in Saskatchewan paid a total of 158 thousand dollars toward trucking costs.

The remaining 100 thousand dollars is being provided by Mennonite Disaster Service Canada from its reserves.

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