Saskatchewan Teachers Federation elects new president

The Saskatchewan Teachers Federation has elected a new president.

Lloydminster teacher Samantha Becotte was elected to the role at STF’s 89th Annual Meeting of Council.

Becotte said it’s an honour to be elected and represent over 13,000 teachers.

“I am so excited to represent the teachers of Saskatchewan, and I hope to bring some positive change by working with education sector partners and encouraging public members to support a better investment in education in years to come.”

Becotte said she has always been an advocate for teachers and students but wanted to do more with her own kids entering into school.

“I am a mom of two young girls, and I see them entering into elementary education. Looking at what I see in high school and the kind of trends going on in education, I worry about the future experiences of our young children as they move through school.”

She said that class size and class complexity remain a top priority.

“As education funding continues to not meet the needs of schools and students, we see fewer supports for students in schools, and then that just compounds and creates complex issues within classrooms. It’s not always about the number of students; it’s about the needs that we need to address in order to help students be successful through their education.”

Becotte, who has been teaching since 2009, said as this school year is wrapping up, she hopes that next year students won’t have to deal with the same challenges they have faced over the last three years.

“The last three years have been very difficult for both teachers and students,” she stated, “For me, I work at a high school, and we haven’t had a ‘normal’ year of high school. ”

Becotte will replace outgoing President Patrick Maze, who is stepping out of the role after seven years and into a senior administrative position with STF.

Maze will continue to serve in the role until June 30, with Becotte taking the position on July 1.

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