Care home activities director has her hair buzzed in fundraiser

Elm View Extendicare activities director Lawry Tardif has the reputation of being the kind of person who would do anything for the residents of that care home.
True to her reputation, Tardif had her head shaved by a resident to raise money in a 50-50 draw for the care home’s entertainment budget, calling it The Big Buzz Off.
Karen Cicansky, the treasurer with the care home’s family support group, explained what they do.
“We exist … just to benefit the residents, to get donations and funds to buy things for them that they would normally have in their home that they can’t afford and the government can’t provide,” Cicansky said.
Tardif had been ribbed by a resident whose hair she cuts, that one day he would be able to take the buzz to her head.
“She percolated this idea: I will donate my hair and let (the resident) shave me on camera, if we can gain $4,000,” Cicansky said. “And we blew that away, so we did very well.”
The close shave for Tardif earned over $4,200 for their entertainment budget. The council will talk about what exactly they’ll spend it on at their annual general meeting later this month, as they aren’t sure what to do with the proceeds.

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