Premier’s Brother Among Those Getting a Pardon

Premier Scott Moe has signed off on dozens of pardons for people with traffic offences, including his own brother.

On May 19, an order-in-council was signed by the premier granting clemency to about 30 people convicted of 37 offences under the province’s Traffic Safety Act.

Kris Moe, the premier’s brother, was one of the individuals pardoned after driving through an amber light on Jan. 23, 2021 in Prince Albert.

“Premier Moe recused himself from the consideration of this order-in-council at cabinet,” Julie Leggott, press secretary to the premier, said in a statement. “Pardons are brought forward on an annual basis on the advice and recommendations of justice officials for lieutenant-governor approval, which has been a long-standing practice in the province.”

The Ministry of Justice says there are four reasons why police would petition executive council for pardons of this kind:

Result of misidentifications. In each case, the actual offender identified himself or herself to the peace officer as someone else at the time the ticket was issued. Subsequent police investigation revealed that an improper charge and conviction was entered against the wrong individual.

Result of a police agency or prosecutor inadvertently overlooking withdrawal of the ticket.

Result of new information arising after ticket convictions.

Result of administrative errors.

The Premier is travelling, and won’t be commenting at this time.

-With Files from the Canadian Press-

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