Mixed bag of weather heading to Southern Saskatchewan

You might have to bring a few extra things to the Pride Parade and the Saskatchewan Roughrider season opener on Saturday.

Sunshine, clouds, and possible rain are all listed in Saturday’s forecast.

Terri Lang from Environment Canada says the weather on Saturday will be inconsistent. “Cloudy, but then it’s sunny and then its showers and then its sunny again and then there’s a risk of thunder showers, so it’s going to be like that. But it’s going to be those hit or miss showers, thunder showers so nothing you can really hang your hat with respect to timing.”

There is an increased risk of thunderstorm for Thursday afternoon in southern Saskatchewan. Lang says the most important thing everyone should be doing is to be prepared and to be alert for any possible storm activity. “We ask people to be aware what the day might bring and plan accordingly and have that awareness about them and have a way to receive weather alerts, most people have phones, so if you can get an app that will push alerts to you.”

The beginning of next week is shaping to be very wet as low pressure front is expected to move up from the United States that will bring rain and wind. Lang noted that entire prairie region will likely be affected by this low pressure front. “The modules are still trying to figure out exactly where it will be going, looks like the rain will fall in Alberta, but there’s certainly some rain coming for southern Saskatchewan.”


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