Young football players from Northern Saskatchewan take part in camp with Riders

Young football players from Northern Saskatchewan got the chance to learn from some of the Roughriders as they took part in a three day football camp.
Holding the camp on the turf at Mosaic Stadium for the first time ever, participants took part in drills and activities.
Cindy Fuchs, the executive director of the Saskatchewan Roughrider Foundation that fundraised for the kids to take part in camps, talked about the genesis of the idea.
“About two years ago when we started to fund them, they said we’d really like to see Mosaic Stadium, and we said, well, let’s bring them in, and so that’s what you’re seeing today.”
Ryan Karakochuk is the head coach of the Creighton Kodiaks and the commissioner of the league that has been around nearly 10 years. he said they had yet to have one of these camps in Regina.
“When the Riders told us we were coming here, they had an emphasis that they wanted everyone to experience (it),” he said. “So for the most part, most of our rosters are here. That would mean we have over 200 kids, which is absolutely fantastic.”
The league has eight six-man teams and one nine-man team.
Marcus Kennedy, a Grade 11 quarterback form Creighton said it was an experience of a lifetime.
“Look at where we are,” he said. “This is just unreal and it’s such a great time. Being able to further my skills and hopefully win a provincial game next year.”
Kennedy said he’s been a big Rider fan as well.
“Last season I watched every single game and I just love everything,” he said.
Karakochuk said the camp is a good segue into the training camp in August, and it’s been a good bonding experience.
“They’re getting drilled by the best coaches from the Rams, the Huskies, the Riot, we have a lot of female players… overall, it’s just one of those experiences that some kids will never get to do so we’re very grateful,” Karakochuk said.
They’ll also be in attendance at tomorrow’s Roughriders home opener.

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