Rain settling in for a couple of days

Saskatchewan will be getting damp over the next couple of days.

Environment Canada’s Terri Lang explains that a low pressure weather front is moving in from Alberta and will be settling in Saskatchewan which will bring rainfall later tonight and into early Wednesday morning.

Rainfall warnings have been issued for the Prince Albert and Melfort areas with the possibility they could receive 70 mm of rain before the end of Wednesday.

Southern Saskatchewan will likely receive less moisture according to Lang, noting the Regina area could see 15 mm of rain on Wednesday.

Farmers in the western section of the province will be welcoming the news of rain. Lang says the western area should receive some rain but it’s difficult to predict the amount because there could be some thunderstorms. “Maybe about 15-25 millimeters with some locally higher amounts, the embedded thundershowers it’s always a tricky because you could get nothing or you get 15 millimeters in an hour, it looks like everyone will get some moisture.”

There was plenty of activity in the sky on Monday with some thunderstorm activity, Lang says there is a small possibility of thunderstorms over the next couple of days. “Not as much as we saw last night (Monday) but I think we will be seeing some thundershower activity and of course that’s always a hit or miss situation, but we’re not expecting much for severe weather though.”

One thing the province will have to deal with on Wednesday is heavy winds says Lang. She said the southwest and western areas could possibly see winds gusting as high as 90 km/hr.

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