Premier Moe’s Popularity Remaining Steady

Premier Scott Moe is holding steady when it comes to popularity.

According to a poll from Angus Reid, Premier Moe is at 51 percent support in Saskatchewan, right where he was the last time a poll was taken.  That’s good enough for second place on the premier leaderboard.

Premier Tim Houston in Nova Scotia holds down the top spot, as the most popular premier, with 62 percent support in his province.  That’s down from 73 percent just three months ago.

Premier Moe is second, followed by John Horgan in BC, and Doug Ford in Ontario.  Ford’s number is particularly interesting, because he has just triumphed in a provincial election.  He popularity ticked up 2 percent, but he is only at 45 percent support.

On the other end of the scale, we find Jason Kenney of Alberta, and Heather Stephanson of Manitoba.  Kenney is at 32 percent support, and is slowly moving out of the premiers office.  He announced he is stepping down, after a leadership review didn’t have overwhelming numbers.  Stephanson is at 23 percent support.

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