City of Regina looking to make community more 2SLGBTQIAP+ friendly

The City of Regina is looking to make the City more friendly for the 2SLGBTQIAP+ community.

The focus comes after Councillor Dan LeBlance brought forward a motion that passed unanimously that will see city administration prepare a report on how the City can improve the lives of 2SLGBTQIAP+ people.

“I think Regina is better, not only passively but also when we actively include people,” LeBlanc said. “I think that’s what we are doing here. Is saying that we actively want you involved; we want to hear from you. We are building space with you in mind, and I think it makes us all stronger.”

The report will look into areas including programs and approaches that the City could implement to improve the lived experience of 2SLGBTQIAP+ people, provisions for all gender change rooms and washrooms, and the inclusion of 2SLGBTQIAP+ people under all employee equity policies.

Mayor Sandra Masters said that it’s important that all residents in the community have a voice.

“The engagement and the consultation are incredibly important to inform decisions. You’ve heard me talk before about how important data is, and this is another form of data that we currently don’t have,” she said. “Having that consultation and representation feeding into policies and decisions of council and administration is absolutely essential.”

The plan is for the report to be brought back to council in the second quarter of 2023.

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