Donation a Boost for the Globe Theatre

A big donation from a well known family in Regina is giving a boost to the Globe Theatre’s fundraising campaign.

The Globe is renovating its space inside the historic Prince Edward Building downtown.  The project is expected to take a couple of more years to complete at a cost of 35 million dollars.

A donation from Trevor and Amanda Boquist of $500,000 is a sizeable boost towards that goal.  “We are privileged to make the announcement of our donation. But, we are alsxo blessed to be a part of a really good community that always comes together” Trevor Boquist said, in a statement.  He went on to encourage others to contribute to the Globe “because its going to make a huge difference in our lives, and in our kids lives, and in the lives of future citizens of Regina”.

Boquist, who is the owner of Bennett Dunlop Ford will have the opportunity to name the Theatre School Space in the re-imagined Globe Theatre, which will help nurture the next generation of performers.

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