7 Year Old Faces Road to Recovery After Being Hit by Impaired Driver

The family of a Regina boy who was hit by an impaired driver last week shared just how deeply their life has been impacted.

In a post for a GofundMe campaign raising money for Ben the boys injuries were detailed. In the crash he suffered  a broken femur, broken humerus, broken pelvis, broken ribs, broken sternum, skull fractures, and soft tissue damage to his c-spine. He is also suffering from a traumatic brain injury – the extent of which isn’t yet known.

After the crash Ben was air lifted to Jim Pattison children’s hospital where he has undergone numerous surgeries in the last few days.

Ben’s parents have been by his side – and are prepared for a grueling road to recovery.

The self proclaimed “middle child who loves milk” recently finished flag football and was looking forward to summer football camp. The family is heartbroken that Ben will not be able to participate in these things for the near future.

The driver of the vehicle was charged with impaired driving and dangerous operation of a motor vehicle.

The Gofundme campaign has raised more than $31,000 so far and can be found here.








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