Regina school joins Better Together initiative

A Regina school has joined forces with a Saskatchewan-based mental health initiative to become Better Together.

The Ruth Pawson School launched the ‘Better Together’ initiative, which focuses on the importance of mental health and having conversations and making connections while raising $9,000 to dress all students and staff.

After years of spreading awareness through t-shirts all over Canada featuring milk and cookies, salt and pepper, peanut butter and jam, and bacon and eggs, Co-Founder Deb McNabb was in Regina, expanding the project to Queen City.

McNabb said that the first part of the expansion was a stop at the Ruth Pawson School.

“The school is the first Regina full-dressed Better Together school. If you were to go there today, it’s together Tuesday; they are wearing and sharing their message that connected communities are healthy communities and that we are better together.”

“I was telling the kids we can make such a big difference. Everybody is somebody’s someone,” she added.

McNabb said that it’s more than just wearing a t-shirt.

“To me, it’s not just about the shirt. You can go and buy a shirt in a store. It’s about a message,” she said. “People wearing and sharing our shirts and making sure our message is proclaimed, and it’s the same message everywhere we go.”

The City of Regina has also proclaimed July Better Together Month in the City.

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