Tuck ready to help lead Riders to a better fate against Montreal

Whether it’s providing the lead block in the Saskatchewan Roughriders running game or leading the charge on special teams, fullback James Tuck is hopeful a full week of practice and reviewing game film will lead to a different outcome in their second matchup with the Montreal Alouettes.

Tuck along with the rest of the members of the special teams for the green and white are eager for another shot of redemption after their Week 3 loss. Montreal’s Chandler Worthy returned the opening kickoff of the game back for a touchdown which kickstarted the momentum for the Alouettes on their way to a commanding victory over Saskatchewan. The Riders fullback says the special teams didn’t execute the game plan.

” Coaches put us in a good opportunity to get out there and succeed and we let them down, so it’s going to be a big bounce game for us and it’s going to show a lot character.”

There is an eagerness to get back to work after a tough showing in Montreal according to Tuck. “I don’t think any of us would’ve wanted to play these guys down the road and have to rewatch the film. Best thing to do is watch it right after it happened, address it and go out there and fix it and we can move on with the season.”

After a tough performance like the Riders endured in Week 3, Tuck says you have to be able to handle criticism when reviewing the film.

” You have to be critical of yourself, you have watch yourself there and be mature about it and say hey I messed up or didn’t give enough effort, you have to be accountable for your teammates ”

Along with being a fixture on the special teams, the fullback contributes to the Riders passing protection on offence and he recognizes that its an area they must improve on and it begins with preparation. ” We got see what pressures and fronts and they got a lot of exotic stuff that they do, it’s just a matter of being in the film room, understanding what they are trying to do us and where they are trying to attack and us just being better.”

The fullback position has not received much fanfare in Riderville since the days of Chris Szarka providing the lead block in the green and white running game, but Tuck appreciates the acknowledgement that he and Albert Awachie receive from the coaching staff. “We play a loveless position at times it’s nice to get a little recognition, particularly Albert and myself we like doing the dirty work and we take pride in that.”

Lining up as a fullback on offence along with playing significant amount of time on special teams, it shouldn’t be surprising to football fans that Tuck views his physicality as his biggest strength on the field. “I’m going to be physical, every chance I get, I’m proud that I was able to go out there and do that.”

The Riders will meet the Alouettes on Saturday at Mosaic Stadium. You can catch the game on 620 CKRM beginning with the Countdown to Kickoff at 2:00.

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