Rider Profile: Anthony Lanier

Emerging as a force on the field for the Saskatchewan Roughriders, Anthony Lanier has been using his status on the gridiron to help others.

After entering the world of professional football, Lanier launched his foundation, The Undefeated Warrior in the Savannah, Georgia.

The Riders defensive lineman grew up in the area and said he never had an athlete who would stop by and saw the daily life of the community.

The 29 year old said he wanted to provide families opportunities that he didn’t have with the foundation.

“I said well, hey, let me and try figure out something helping the families out here, get the children out more into the community whether it be football, just giving them something to do, different events around the city.”

In his travels through his football career, Lanier has spent a lot of time establishing a connection with the community.

“As I go around to new places, new teams, and even new countries now,  I’m seeing children who have the similar same story and I can’t help myself but want to give more into them or pour what somebody poured into me into them to possibly help them have a better life.”

The Riders defensive tackle says it was the efforts of a lot of people who brought him here today.

“It really took a village to raise the child I was to make the man that I am now.”

For more information on Undefeated Warrior, the Anthony Lanier Foundation, you can visit here. https://undefeatedwarrior.org/



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