World record holder, Carol Lafayette-Boyd has no plans of slowing down

At 80 years old, Carol Lafayette-Boyd continues to set world records in track and field world.

This past weekend, Lafaytette-Boyd set two new records. She established a new mark  in the 200 metre race along with a new record in high jump.

Lafayette-Boyd initially wasn’t aware that she had set a new record because she was running besides runners of all ages while she competing in her own age group.

“I haven’t run the 200 metres in a couple of years, and I was very concerned because I was so far behind the young people.” She added “They seemed so far ahead of me, and I was sure I didn’t come near a record so I was surprised when I discovered it was a 34.9.”

Even though it was possibly the hottest weekend of the year temperature wise, Lafayette-Boyd said she has no problem with the heat since she competes in the running and in triple jump, since the heat helps her muscles keep loose.

It wasn’t until the age of 50 when Lafayette-Boyd began competing in track and field. She noted when she was 50, her and her husband lived near a park and they both decided that they needed to keep in shape and decided to do some running.

Regina was hosting the Canadian Masters Championships in 1992, the year she turned 50, which got her thinking that was something you could compete in. She added that was able to win a gold medal while competing that year. 15 years later, at 65, Lafayette-Boyd noted that she was able to improve her time in running.

Keeping herself in shape is a big reason why she decided to continuing competing after all of these years.

“I watch what I eat, I try to sleep good, so I look after myself, I don’t know if I would do that if I didn’t have to look forward to the three practices a week to keep in shape.”

Lafayette-Boyd believes she is an inspiration to others.

“People come up to me afterwards and say maybe I’ll get back into that because I enjoyed track when I was young and the young people they look at you in awe sometimes and I think they also think this is something that I can continue with because often you think your track career is over, that’s it your done, now young people see that no they can continue in track and field.”

The 47th annual Canadian Masters Athletic Championships will be taking place in Regina next weekend (July 29-31). Lafayette-Boyd says she will be trying to break a record in the 100 metre race and in the long jump event.

She also invites everyone to come watch the competition or to take part as a volunteer for the event and for runners of all ages to take part in the quarter mile run during the opening ceremonies.

Next weekend’s Masters Athletics Championships will be held at the Canada Games Complex at Douglas Park.


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