Recent Regina-area rains were welcomed by many: Phillips

The rain that Regina and much of southern Saskatchewan saw on Monday and Tuesday was a welcome sight for farmers and backyard gardeners alike.
David Phillips with Environment and Climate Change Canada said the typical seasonal weather has reversed a little bit for June and July.
“July is the warmest month, and June is really the wettest month,” he said. “This year, you got the wet in July, it was certainly far more than you got in June, and that has been the rescue rains we wanted. and August I think could be warmer than what we normally see as the warmest month of July.
About 45 to 65 millimetres of rain fell in Regina Monday in about a 12-hour period – that’s about 4 times as much rain recorded in June.
Temperatures are looking to move upward in the upcoming weeks.
“We’re seeing that the second half of summer is going to be warmer than the first half,” he said. “So we think what we’re going to see in July and into August is certainly going to be warmer than we saw in June and (the first half) of July.”
He said some may have felt a little anxious about seeing as much rain fall as southern Saskatchewan got, the amount that fell, overall, is going to be a good news story.
“I’m sure there were some underpasses that were flooded, and there were worries about there being too much rain in too short a period time, but I can imagine some growers and backyard gardeners had smiles from ear to ear.”

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