Marketing agreement reached on new soil biopesticide

NexusBioAg has reached a marketing and distribution agreement for TerraMG, a mustard-derived soil biopesticide.

The biopesticide technology has potential to address the farming challenges of ClubRoot and Aphanomyces diseases in canola and pulse crops.

Building on field data, the companies are now moving forward to the next stage of development.

Through the marketing and distribution agreement with MustGrow Biologics, farmers will have access to the latest in farming technology, which is yet to be registered with Canada’s pest Management Regulatory Agency.

MustGrow is an agriculture biotech company developing organic biopesticides and bioherbicides by using the natural defense mechanism of the mustard plant to protect food production from diseases, insects and pests.

The marketing and distribution agreement was announced at the Ag in Motion farm expo in Langham, northwest of Saskatoon.

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