72 Million year old Tylosaur Makes Debut in East End

One of Saskatchewan’s most famous residents – Scotty the Tyrannosaurus Rex has a new friend at the T Rex Discovery Center in East End Saskatchewan.

A Tylosaur found in the hills near near lake Diefenbaker close to Saskatchewan Landing Park.

Aimee Castillo: visitor experience supervisor at the center tells us more about the new addition.

“The Tylosaur is a species of mosasaur, large predatory marine reptiles related to monitor lizards and snakes – they lived more than 70 million years ago during the late cretaceous period.”

Castillo says the finishing touches are being put on the exhibit.

The animal would have lived in a large inland sea that covered much of Saskatchewan.

Castillo says this particular skeleton was found with a smaller Mosasaur skeleton inside it’s stomach.

In addition to the tylosaur exhibit visitors to the east end center can also have a visit with Scotty the Tyrannosaur.

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