Most tornadoes causing little damage this year

Hail, strong winds and lots of rain have been a part of a lot of Saskatchewan storms this year – but thankfully the damage from tornadoes this year has been limited.
While the storm that knocked out power to some in Regina wasn’t packing any tornadoes that were reported, a couple of days ago some areas in Southern Saskatchewan had a funnel cloud advisory.
Recently, Environment and Climate Change Canada’s senior climatologist David Phillips said the tornadoes here tend to be the smaller ones.
“So even though you might get on average a dozen or 13, 14 tornadoes a year, they tend to be not the killer events or destroyers that we see elsewhere,” Phillips said. “Having said that, the deadliest tornado in Canadian history is still the Regina Cyclone from over 100 years ago.”
There is a chance of thunderstorms in southern Saskatchewan again Monday and Tuesday.
“It’s just that it tends to be a dry province,” Phillips said. “You get some humidity from crops growing. What we know nowadays, it’s not just humid air coming from the Gulf of Mexico or over from the Pacific, sometimes it’s your own weather that takes a severe storm and turns it into a tornadic event.”

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