Many different food options at this year’s QCX

You can’t have the Queen City Ex without some fair food, and this year is a great example of that.
The food right by the midway has some new entries to tempt your taste buds. Dorothy Au of Wok This Way, with ten years experience at the QCX, is providing some a deep fried rice with Oreo dish.
“I mean, a fan favourite has always been fried rice,” she said. “As you can see at the fair, there’s always Oreo. So we thought we’d do a quick twist and combine the two, with an Oreo fried rice.”
But it’s not just as simple as plunking a cookie in the middle of a bunch of rice.

“It’s coconut rice, and then we’ve got the Oreo flavour on top, and then as usual you can always find some sort of sweet drizzly top

ping here at the fair, and so we did a little bit of a twist of having maple syrup on top.”

Not too far away from the ricey-Oreo combo is a squid ink corn dog available this year.
Scott Dennis of Big Coco’s Corn Dogs explains what’s in the squid ink corn dog.
“It’s half-cheese, half-weiner, and then we cut the weiner on the end to flare it out to make it look like squid, so it’s got that kind of look. And then we roll in some sugar and the batter is black as well. So it’s got a bit of a different vibe. The Korean thing has been a big thing for us this year.”
Of course if the mini-donuts are your thing – and who doesn’t like mini-donuts – there is more than one place to get those. The only time and place to watch a competitive mini-donut eating contest will be Friday evening at 5:30 p.m. when competitive eating elegend Joey Chestnut takes on REAL CEO Tim Reid in a friendly battle to raise food for the Regina Food Bank.

The goal is to raise $20,000 – or, 60,000 meals, for the food bank.

Liam Atkinson enjoys a mini donut at the Queen City Ex.

The QCX runs till Sunday. Gates close at 11 each night

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