Regina Councilor steps down as Director of Safety and Well-Being Committee

Ward 7 Councillor Terina Shaw has stepped down from her position as the Safety and Well-Being Committee Director.

“I have come to the realization that my presence on the committee could be a distraction to the work that it will be doing,” Shaw said in a media release. “A question made by me has been misconstrued and in no way reflects my views regarding the important issues that the committee will be addressing.”

“I remain committed to improving the safety and well-being of the residents of Ward 7,” she added. “I will also double my efforts of re-building relationships with members of the community so that we can work together in creating the best that Regina can be.”

Shaw is under investigation by the City’s Integrity Commission after two separate formal complaints were filed to the commission regarding comments she made about Indigenous people on two occasions this year.

The Integrity Commissioner will have until October 13 to file his report, which will mean, at the latest, City Council will have to discuss the complaint by January 11, 2023.

If the Integrity Commissioner determines that there has been a violation of the Code of Ethics Bylaw, sanctions and corrective actions may be enforced, said Amber Ackerman, the City Clerk.

“Possible sanctions may include reprimand, requiring that the member of council apologize to those impacted, require educational training, removing the member of council from committees or other bodies, or dismissing the member from a position of chairs person from a council committee.”

The City Clerk notes that City Council is not permitted to remove a councillor member from office.

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