Communication is the key to Keeping Kids Safe Online in the New School Year

The last few years have seen a rise in cases where kids are the victims of online abuses and have been increasingly targeted by predators. In some cases kids spending  more online, means more access for predators.

It is important for parents and guardians to take steps to ensure the safety of children online. Something Katrina German, C.E.O of Ethical Digital says starts with have honest conversations.

“The most important thing you can do is actually have these conversations. Be sure your children understand your expectations for online conduct.”

German also suggests a simple rule for online communication.
“Ensure that every single thing you’re saying – you feel comfortable saying to other people’s faces. These baselines are important for parents to establish”.
According to statistics only 9% of Canadian adults are aware of cyber bullying against their children. More time spent online though the pandemic, and in the ever growing digital age means kids are more exposed to content and communications online than ever before. German says there are applications and programs that can help monitor your child’s habits online.
“There is a really great app called Bark, that you can put on your children’s devices. The app will basically alert you when your child has issues with online bullying or other things that are scary for parents. The app monitors key themes.”
Setting boundaries is the best defense –
“Set parameters. Say – I don’t want you sharing information that is too personal, that can identify where you live, or tell people where to find you. Ensure your kids understand what behavior is acceptable online”
A recent survey found that 30% of Canadian Children would disclose their real names and addresses to sign-up for free email or create a profile on a social networking site, while 16% indicated that they had intentionally visited a pornographic website and 9% had visited an adult chat room during their current school year.



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