Former LCA Students Want Child Advocate to Investigate

Former students at Saskatoon’s Legacy Christian Academy and two other schools are calling on the Provincial Child Advocate to investigate how the government handled the allegations when they came to light.

Saskatchewan’s official opposition and former students of the Christian Centre Academy are calling on teachers who are named in a class action lawsuit to be removed from the classroom after allegations of abuse.

This comes as up to 40 students have filed police reports regarding abuse at the Lawson Heights school.

Caitlin Erickson, one of the former students behind the class action lawsuit says it’s important the Children’s Advocate gets involved as she had current students reach out to her in regards to contacting the police with concerns.

“The fact that I have had several students from across the province in various different in private independent schools that have reached out to me to speak on their experiences of alleged abuse an you know, whether that be psychological, emotional or the fact that teachers that were in the school, failed to report child abuse.”

The Saskatoon Police Service has investigated some of the claims, and has forwarded the file to Crown lawyers who will decide whether or not charges are warranted.


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