Deputy Prime Minister comments on criticism of fertilizer emissions plan

Canada’s Deputy Prime Minister visited the Saskatoon area Wednesday as part of her summer tour to get “out of Ottawa.”

Chrystia Freeland said that her goal this summer is to travel and get outside the nation’s capital, including a stop at the Mosaic potash mine just outside of Colonsay.

During a news conference, Freeland was asked about the federal government’s decision to reduce fertilizer-related greenhouse gas emissions by 30 per cent. A decision that has been met with much criticism, especially in the prairies.

“I don’t know who really understands Canada’s land better than a farmer. All the farmers I know are very careful, thoughtful stewards of their land and their fields,” she said. “I absolutely believe that it is a good thing for the world and for Canada for us to reduce our emissions in all sectors of the economy. I know farmers are already as precise as they can be in the use of all expensive inputs, including fertilizer. I have tremendous confidence they are going to continue to do that.”

Her counterpart, federal agriculture minister Marie-Claude Bibeau, has been continuing to discuss the plan with various groups this month.

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