21st pedestal was unveiled at the Cenotaph to honour Sask’s Air Training Program.

The City of Regina and the Royal United Services Institute were proud to unveil a new pedestal at the Cenotaph in Victoria Park.

The pedestal was installed in recognition of the Second World War’s British Commonwealth Air Training Program.

The British Commonwealth Air Training Plan trained over 130,000 aviators for the Allied air forces during the Second World War. In Saskatchewan alone, there were 20 schools teaching flying, navigation, bombing, and gunnery. The Air Training Plan in Canada was so vast that the country was dubbed “the aerodrome of democracy.”

This new pedestal is the 21st pedestal out of 28 the be installed.
“Seven more to go. The money has already been raised for the next seven and they will be unveiled by this time next year,” said Retired Brigadier General, Cliff Walker.

“We thought it would take us four or five years to raise the money to build four or five (pedestals) and in less than two years we have enough money to build 28.”

The pedestals came to fruition simply to provide more information to the public and to represent and honour Saskatchewan’s significant role in World War One and World War Two.

“We say we shall remember them not just today but going forward so that for years the citizens of Regina, tourists that visit here will have a deep understanding of the city’s and this province’s role in the world in terms of the air force, army, and navy,” says City Mayor Sandra Masters who attended the unveiling ceremony.

Walker said it’s also hoped to inspire the younger generations, “For today’s generation maybe just a chance to pause and think about the people who went before. They did such things so that folks like us are free to walk around and have thoughts and ideas of our own.”

The pedestals yet to be installed are predicted to be more regimental and feature significant events from the first and second world wars.

Mayor Sandra Masters and Retired Brigadier General, Cliff Walker standing with the new pedestal.

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