‘No blunt force trauma causing his death’ says chief coroner regarding preliminary results of Myles Sanderson’s death

The province’s chief coroner has unveiled some information regarding the death of Myles Sanderson.

“The preliminary results of the autopsy for Myles Sanderson, and this is very preliminary, has found no blunt force trauma causing his death,” he stated. “From the external investigation from our chief forensic pathologist, there is no external blunt force trauma that was contributing to his death.”

He added that in order to determine Sanderson’s cause of death, they still needed the toxicology, pathology, and neuropathology report. 

Weighill also announced that the Saskatchewan Coroners Service would be holding two public inquests after the mass stabbings earlier this month.

One inquest will focus on the 11 deaths in the James Smith Cree Nation and in the nearby village of Weldon, while the other will focus on the death of Myles Sanderson, who died in police custody after a four-day manhunt.

With the death of Sanderson, there will not be a criminal trial, Weighill said. Without a public hearing of the facts, it will leave many questions unanswered from the families involved and the public pertaining to the circumstances leading to the deaths, he said.

Weighill said that in terms of the investigation into the deaths, they are still in the preliminary stages and will have to wait until the toxicology results, pathology, and the completion of the police investigation are complete before they can hold the inquest.

The inquests are expected to happen in the spring or summer of next year and will comprise six jurors who will all be indigenous.

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