Sask veterinary officer issues animal health order over deadly avian flu

Saskatchewan’s chief veterinary officer has issued an animal health order after confirming another case of deadly avian flu in poultry.

The health order limits the transport and co-mingling of poultry and will be in place until October 21st.

The order will reviewed in one month.

The animal health order prohibits the movement to and participation of birds in shows, auctions, and farm fairs, as well as any other event where birds would be brought together from multiple locations.

The goal is to limit the spread of the disease, which is linked to migratory birds.

Producers are advised to take disease control measures and prevent contact between poultry flocks and wild birds, limiting visitors to barns, using barn specific clothing and monitoring birds for signs of illness.

Producers are reminded that anyone with livestock or poultry in Saskatchewan are required to register for a Premises Identification number.

The ability to implement a rapid and efficient disease response is greatly increased when producers have a premises id number.

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