Decision Day In Saskatoon-Meewasin

On the surface it doesn’t seem to be a particularly big deal, a by-election in Saskatoon-Meewasin to fill one of Saskatchewan’s 61 seats in the provincial legislature.

It is a big deal to the parties involved who believe there is a lot on the line.

In politics, perception is like concrete and can harden quickly if left unchecked.

The Sask Party would dearly love to peel this seat from the NDP, and show the province and their supporters they continue to be in charge, growing the party in a major urban area adding to their strength in the rural communities.

Kim Groff was picked to be the Sask Party’s candidate in the riding, after failing to win a seat in the provincial election in 2020 in nearby Saskatoon Centre but lost to NDP’s Betty Nippi Albright.

Saskatoon-Meewasin was held by former NDP leader Ryan Meili, and the NDP certainly want to see a win.  After a loss in a by election up north just before Meili stepped down, new leader Carla Beck would love to pitch a narrative of a growing NDP, taking the Sask Party government to task, as an alternative when there is a province wide vote in the next two years.

Nathaniel Teed was named to carry the NDP in this by-election, and has had a lot of support from current MLA’s and the leader in getting out to meet the voters.

This is also an important election for the provincial Liberal Party. Leader Jeff Walters has struggled to get any of the spotlight in a province that hasn’t been the most receptive to the liberal party in recent years.  The provincial liberals are looking to distance themselves from their federal brethren, but its hard to believe the party’s message has been able to get through the wall of white noise generated by the Sask Party and the NDP.

Mark Friesen of the Buffalo Party is also on the ballot in Saskatoon-Meewasin, as is the Green Party’s Jacklin Andrews .

More than 2500 advance votes were cast in this by election.  Polls open at 9:00 am Monday and will be open until 8:00 pm tonight.


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