Catalyst Committee hits a home run with multi-purpose outdoor event centre

A multi-purpose baseball event centre and a synthetic outdoor field project were the topics at hand for the third Catalyst Committee session on Wednesday.

The outdoor field project would address problems with the City’s baseball diamonds, including Currie Feild.

Currie Field has begun to experience increased pressure during peak season, as well as increased wear and tear.

The Regina Red Sox have also determined that the current facilities at Currie Field no longer meet the Club’s needs and restrict the ability of the Club to recruit new players competitively.

As for the other baseball diamonds, they do not have good grass turf due to a lack of irrigation and are often subject to gopher holes, creating player safety concerns.

Moreover, the diamonds that do not meet Sask Baseball’s standards are heavily utilized, making it difficult to provide the proper number of practice-to-game ratios to encourage successful player development across all age groups.

Tim Reid, the Co-Chair of the Catalyst Committee, said that overall the response from the public was very positive.

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