Over $17 million is being invested in Saskatchewan’s film and television industry

Saskatchewan’s Ministry of Parks, Culture, and Sports has announced that an additional $7.5 million is being given to Creative Saskatchewan.

The money will go into the Feature Film and Television Production Grant Program under Creative Saskatchewan.

This funding is on top of the $10 million that has already been invested in the grant program.

“As you know in the 2022-2023 budget we announced an additional $8 million increase to the grant program which was a total of $10 million. We are proud to announce that the Creative Saskatchewan film and television production grant was fully utilized. It provided $10 million to 13 very exciting projects,” says Parks, Culture, and Sports Minister Laura Ross.

Since the original funding was invested, Ross says that applications for work and projects in the province have soared and continue to grow.

This additional investment of $7.5 million will stay entirely in Saskatchewan.

“This is really exciting because the good part about the investment is that the money we are investing in the television and film industry all stays here in Saskatchewan. It’s for goods and services that are being recurred and undertaken here in the province,” says Ross.

The investment is also seen as an aid for Saskatchewan’s economic growth plan. It also hopes to inspire young people to join the industry and be confident that they can pursue a creative career in the province.

“This additional investment supports the province’s growth plan in many ways as new film and television productions help grow our labour force, increase tourism, and support really important sectors like arts, culture, and our hospitality industry,” says Ross.

At the announcement, it was shared by Ross and officials with Creative Saskatchewan as well as Wavelength Entertainment that there is a wide range of projects starting in Saskatchewan for major streaming companies and networks like Netflix, HBO Max, Disney+, CityTV, and more.

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